Member Record Keeping

Using our recently developed, advanced administration IT system, we are able to assist our clients by maintaining and updating all member records electronically, to ensure records remain accurate and the data protected. We are also able to store, access and provide electronic copies of all scheme documentation and all correspondence relating to individual scheme members.

Our system is also able to fully adapt to any changes in legislation or pension processes, or scheme-specific benefits.

Our system can also extract data reports as and when required, as well as being capable of producing automated correspondence using the data held. This facility helps us to work more efficiently and with significantly less risk of human error when issuing letters to members and third parties.

We take Data Protection very seriously and ensure all data is stored in a secure manner. We regularly contact members to ensure the data held for them remains accurate.

Consolidation and transfers of member pension pots

Members often hold several separate pension funds and may wish to combine them into one larger fund. We assist all scheme members who wish to consolidate any other pension funds they may currently hold with UK registered pension schemes into a scheme administered by Warwick and Eaton.

In doing so, we can handle all correspondence between the relevant pension scheme providers so that members need have little involvement or stress throughout the whole process. Members are kept updated as the process develops and are informed as soon as any transferred funds have been received.

Subsequently, members may only hold one large fund rather than several smaller ones, and are therefore often more able to keep track of their pension investments.


The world of pensions can change quite often and quite dramatically, as experienced with the 2015 pensions freedoms.

We are able to notify clients and scheme members when relevant changes in legislation occur, along with any other changes in administration practice and taxation that may be relevant to the scheme in general or to the benefits held by members. Where required, we can provide information on all options available following these changes and can easily adapt out systems accordingly.

We are also able to assist when a pension scheme is looking to appoint other professional advisors.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

HMRC requires that the Administrators of a pension scheme make many reports, including regular reports during a year. Warwick and Eaton can carry out all necessary reports on behalf of a scheme, which can relate to payments made to members and registering new pension schemes.

Most of these reports now have to be completed online and we can provide all electronic data for this purpose, to ensure all HMRC deadlines are met.

Additional regular reporting may also be required to, and registration with, other bodies such as the Pensions Regulator (including completion of the annual Scheme Return) and the Information Commissioner. Warwick and Eaton ensure that schemes are fully registered with all the relevant bodies.


We regularly communicate with our clients, scheme members and other third parties to ensure updates are provided relating to general scheme administration issues, investments held and ongoing investment performance.

Scheme members receive regular correspondence (including annual benefit statement updates being issued to all scheme members plus Statutory Money Purchase Illustrations (SMPIs)). These ensure members are fully aware of the value of their funds and are able to act upon this information, if required, as well as checking that the data held for that member is still correct.

When members (or other parties) contact us independently of this regular correspondence, we ensure prompt resolution and responses are provided. Our systems and procedures are such that all correspondence is double-checked by a senior member of staff before being issued in order to ensure accuracy and a high level of service is maintained.

Warwick & Eaton also provide regular reports to other clients and scheme trustees, and can provide ad hoc reports when required.


Annual report and accounts must be produced for pension schemes, as required by legislation, and Warwick & Eaton assist schemes by providing much of the information to be shown in these accounts.

We are also able to provide summaries of the published accounts to scheme members, as and when required.

We then work alongside the external scheme auditors in order to ensure that the accounts are completed accurately, in line with legislation and client wishes, and answer any queries that any relevant party may have in this respect.


Employers across the UK are trying to unravel Auto Enrolment. With 32 duties and a 72 point checklist to guarantee compliance it is just far too easy to make an error and risk non-compliance fines.

Warwick and Eaton Administer the Auto Enrolment complaint Ethika Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme, specifically designed to support businesses through the process, ethical portfolio, transparent for employees and employers alike.