Automatic enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work, it’s the law that all employers must offer this to all your employee’s.

What is the Ethika auto enrolment pension scheme?

The Ethika Auto Enrolment Scheme has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of the auto enrolment process. The scheme rules and trust deeds reflect the laws which govern Auto Enrolment these were made to benefit the member of the pension scheme such as, flexibility in retirement, and the ability to transfer in existing pension funds from elsewhere.

The scheme’s default investment is a carefully selected blend of Equity and Debt Investments whose profile is consistent with a sustainable, responsible and positive impact investment mandate conceived to deliver strong and secure returns. The Fund’s investment evaluation process is complimented by the incorporation of both qualitative and quantitative analyses of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, performance, practices and impacts.

Benefit of the scheme for employers

  • HMRC and auto enrolment compliant
  • No need to learn complex pension legislation
  • Easy implementation
  • Ethical investment portfolio
  • Protection for the employer against coercion claims from employee’s
  • No requirement for additional Payroll software
  • Cost effective and saves time
  • Bespoke service offering a multiple of solutions
  • 3 months postponement potential

To learn more about the Ethika Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme and how Warwick & Eaton’s processes can keep you auto enrolment compliant and let you focus on your business rather than on AE contact Dylan Summer on 0161 979 0366.

Benefits of the scheme to employees

  • Statutory minimum contributions
  • Employee and Employer can make additional voluntary contributions
  • Allows transfers in from any other pension scheme
  • Allows transfers out when employees leave
  • HMRC Registered Pension Scheme
  • Retirement age 68 but can retire from age 55 with no penalties
  • Administration and investment management charge within the government “price cap’’ with a low combined 0.5% and £20 per annum.

Parties involved:

Pension scheme – Ethika Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme

Trustees – Barclay Cavendish Trustees

Third party administrators – Warwick & Eaton Administrators Limited.

Auditors – Mercer Hole Chartered Accountants

Fund Manager – Shard Capital LLP

Scheme Documentation